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Our goal is to find you a partner to develop your business.

At Sparta & Co, we have a strong track record of providing equity financing that spans private equity, venture capital, family office and corporate clients in the corporate finance world. A professional financial investor brings an opulent experience and substantial funding to your company in the equity-raising process.

Would you like to find an investor for your company so that we can assist you?


We design your structure, financing opportunities and make your future shine. Also; We can find the most suitable solution for companies to meet their capital needs.

In Sparta & Co, we know Turkish, British and US High Wealth Group Individual Investors, International Mutual Funds, Private and Giant Investment Banks, Private Equity Companies  and investors who own Venture Capital firms. We acknowledge their point of interest, investment priorities and whom to contact for each sale.


From the preparation of the investment to the closing of the deal, we manage each phase separately. Our negotiation ability saves you both time and money. The estimated time for raising capital and selling the shares is between 3-6 months starting from the signing of the assignment.

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