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We provide the most suitable project financing for your company by designing capital market products domestically domestically and by engaging international investment banks globally in the best way possible.

We provide financial intermediation services to companies that need long-term financing to realize their projects.


  • Analysis and determination of the financing of the project

  • Financial, economic, technical and legal aspects of financing examination

  • Creation of the financing model and negotiating with funding sources

  • Negotiation and completion of financing

You want to start a new investment. However, maturity and interest rates are the biggest obstacle to making this investment. You need to explain your investment to financial institutions clearly. We can help you with this.

Project Finance Process;


1- A financial consultancy contract is drawn up between your company and Sparta & Co.

2- We prepare a comprehensive "project finance report" that shows the investments to be made, how much profit that you will make in which term and the ability to repay the loan that you received.

3- We send "teasers", a short presentation to the international investment banks that we are in contact with.

4- We collect the maturity and interest offers in the market and start bilateral negotiations with the institutions you deem appropriate.

5- Comprehensive evaluation process (due-dillegence) is started with companies whose letter of intent is signed.

6- Agreement is made and credit is created.

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