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We offer professional service in order to reach the right financing with the right conditions.

Companies' demand to access finance is constantly increasing whether it be a new investment or a working capital need. The cost of financing is as important as the amount of financing and these costs create an advantage in competing with domestic and foreign sector players. 


Domestic and international market conditions can make it difficult for companies to access finance from time to time, and even many well-established companies may encounter problems in accessing finance. For this reason, companies may need professional help in order to manage their debt and capital structure in the most effective way.  

Sparta & Co expertise provides a professional service for companies to improve their existing debt structure, find new financing and manage relations with financial institutions. Sparta & Co provides professional services for companies to make financial restructuring, find foreign project finance loans, find domestic investment and business loans, measure the resilience of companies with financial stress testing and find company acquisition loans. ​

Regardless of how strong and profitable the companies are​, finding new debt on favorable terms in current market conditions and converting the loan at the end of the maturity period have become more difficult today.

Debts which are not organized in the correct maturity structures may cause deterioration in cash flows and damage the reputation of companies in financial institutions. It is very important to use the capital effectively to make the company's balance sheet suitable for new loans and to confront financial institutions at the right time.


Debt and capital consultancy obtained with independent reports and opinions, has become much more important for the partners and managers of the companies. ​

Our expertise;​

1.  Bank Loans - Investment and business loans

2.  Restructuring - Financial debt restructuring

3.  Capital Markets Debt Instruments - private sector bonds and bonds convertible bonds

4.  Foreign Sourced "Project financing"

5.  Purchase Loans - "Mezzanine finance"

Our team is ready to assist you;

Our consultancy team is ready to assist you in determining the financing sources suitable for your company's business plan and capital structure and to find the sources and using the funds found.  

Finding a New Debt

Finding new financing opportunities that suit the needs of companies, providing working capital financing required for new investment or providing new investment. Through domestic financial institutions and capital markets, companies are granted access to new resources at affordable costs. ​


Advising companies on restructuring options, arranging negotiations with the financial institution for restructuring, and completing the restructuring process. There are two stages in restructuring: operational and financial restructuring.


In operational configuration, the aim is to establish the "balance" after determining the company's options, renewing the company's strategy, and making organizational changes.  After the balance is achieved, the concept of "value" and the plus value which the company will gain through restructuring will be focused on. ​

In financial restructuring, companies has to go to restructuring their debts because they have financial difficulties and cash flows that would not allow them to pay their debts on time. This restructuring would mean a step towards giving creditors confidence in the company's payments, and as Sparta & Co, we do our best to ensure that the borrower and the lender agree on a common denominator. By understanding the demands and suggestions of both parties in the best way possible, we manage the process and contribute to the elimination of the main problems.


We complete the financial restructuring in 5 stages: evaluation of the problem, determination of solution proposals, invitation of the parties to negotiations, determination of new alternative solution proposals and agreement. ​

Capital Market Debt Instruments

Preparing companies for short and long term borrowing from the capital market, choosing the investment firm, issuing the capital market debt instrument and providing the inflow of funds to the company. ​

Overseas Project Loan

Through foreign investment banks, Sparta & Co and London-based Sparta Finance Limited, long-term financing is provided for companies' new investment projects on favorable terms. ​

Purchase Loans - "Mezzanine finance"

Mezzanine finance, which is provided to facilitate the financing of companies which  plan acquisitions and mergers in Sarin, is a foreign-sourced loan and is a type of loan in which the acquired company is accepted as collateral. The advantages of these loans are that they have higher costs than other loans and that they can be financed with a high borrowing rate.

Our experts

We work with the industry's leading experts on debt and capital. Our experts use their teachings in different disciplines for the future of your company and focus on creating benefits in accordance with your company's dynamics and market conditions.​

Our Debt and Capital Advisory team has the experience and knowledge of presenting the right strategy for your company and creating benefits by implementing it wisely. You can be sure that all services you receive from Sparta & Co has high quality standards and an impeccable understanding.

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