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For companies that doesn't want to reduce their presence in the board of directors and wish to see the public as a partner instead, the best method is public offering. As Sparta & Co, we provide public offering consultancy to companies. 

As Sparta&Co, we provide public offering consultancy to companies. We review operational, financial and legal processes of companies that want to go public all the way until the brokerage house selection phase. We work to ensure the valuation process is fair.

Comprehensive and forward-looking strategies are critical for long-term success in an IPO. "Public offering" is the best solution for companies that want to achieve management with a corporate governance approach and demand capital instead of debt to finance their targeted growth. Publicly traded companies aim to increase the market value of the company as well as increase their income and profit figures.

The services we offer for a successful public offering all the way up until the selection of the brokerage house includes;

Amendment of the articles of association of the company before the public offering,

Auditing company balance sheets and assets and revising their valuation

IPO preparations and preliminary reviews

Revision of the business plan

Affiliate and subsidiary organizations

Financial reporting

Creating valuation reports

Establishment of corporate governance principles

Establishment of the investor relations department

Consultancy to Public Companies​

When the companies go public, they have difficulties especially in relations with institutional investors, and they have difficulty in introducing and explaining their companies thoroughly.

At this stage, we stand by the companies and ensure that the information and valuation studies for institutional investors are carried out in a healthy way, especially in order to determine the market value of the company. We bring your company, domestic-foreign funds and institutional investors all together and manage the road-show processes.

  • We find potential buyers in dedicated sales of stocks,

  • We find an intermediary institution with correct and competitive fees, and make presentations to potential buyers during the phase of issuing debt instruments.

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