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Sparta & Co contributes to the transformation of companies into smarter, sharper and newer version of themselves that is resistant to external shocks. We aim to create a high economic value for the board of directors with the "new corporate strategies" which we will put forth.

​In fact, we share our experience, values, passion and way of doing business in corporate strategy and investment banking with our strategic partners in a great discipline.


As Sparta & Co;

1.   We get to know your company clearly. We learn about the characteristics of your business line, other companies in the sector, and the variety of production and service.

2.   We process your financial data with the help of special programs in our database, calculate your financial risks, interest and exchange rate risks, and recommend the right time that they could be hedged.

3.   We calculate the estimated cash flows of your company in the future, contribute to the determination of working capital needs, and determine your investment periods.

4.   In the light of the data we gathered, we prepare the "Financial Strategy Report" of your company and update this report before the balance sheet periods and new investment plans.

5.   Before new investments, we prepare an "Investment Report" on whether the investment is a healthy investment according to its projections. We will inform you about the suitable loan conditions for investment, and we can take part in negotiations with banks.

6.   We assist your company with balance sheet simplifications and other transactions in buying, selling, public offering.

7.   We prepare a valuation report for your company according to international valuation criteria.

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