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Do you know the value of your company?

Sparta & Co valuates according to International Valuation Standards, for sellers, buyers, private equity and investment banks.


For detailed information about the variables of a company's value, it is very helpful to conduct an accurate and comprehensive company valuation. Each of these variables contributes to the measurement of the effect on the recovery or deterioration value.

In a corporate transaction, preparing a valuation is an important step in preparing for a successful negotiation and maximizing company value.


A good valuation should be carefully thought out, logical, and contain numerical arguments.


Benefits of company valuation;


If you are a seller;

Valuation is a very important negotiation tool. It provides a clear, comprehensive assessment and enables effective discussions with rational parties.

1. We recommend that you know the true value range of your business.

2. Valuation helps you understand your company's strengths and weaknesses during the sales process.

3. The potential synergies gained will have an impact on future value and will allow the seller to understand these variables in value. If we negotiate with a successful valuation, we will get a chance to gain the majority of these synergies. The value of potential synergies rests with the asset owner. If we negotiate with these synergies, we can expect to get a lot.


If you are a buyer;

If you are a buyer, you must prepare your own valuation. You can also understand the company's debt and financial strength for negotiation.

1. Sellers have a higher point of view on the value of their company and are influenced by their emotions. You will be able to explain its fair value with international valuation techniques.

2. The value of the company belongs to the current state of the financial statements and expectations. If you are an expert on domestic and global economic outlook, sectoral environment and Company figures, your estimates determine the value of the companies.

3. A valuation report about a company means the firm's history and helps to see the it's future.

4. You can see the expected cash flows of the company you want to buy.

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