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Strategies we give to companies require a strong macroeconomic analysis.

One of the most important factors that affect the success of companies in the world and in Turkey is the financial decisions that they take. Companies need to follow and analyze the macroeconomic environment and the developments in the markets while making these financial decisions. We interpret the developments in the global economy by combining them with Turkey's periodic macroeconomic advantages and disadvantages, and share this information with you in presentations at the boards of directors of your companies.


In Which Subjects Do We Contribute To Your Companies?

Global Economy

Looking at the world economy from a macro perspective provides a good understanding of international competition and fund flows. Watching the global economy very closely during economic crises and recession periods can keep your company more protected against risks. On the other hand, the recovery in the global economy and the increase in risk appetite may mean a good breakthrough and growth period for your company. It is very important to follow and analyze the global economy well in order to be protected from risks and to turn opportunities into profits.

Turkish economy

We approach the Turkish economy from a macro perspective, monitor the developments in the supply/demand aspects of growth, analyze the product groups which cause inflation and the trend in inflation. We analyze the financing quality of the current account deficit by analyzing the terms of trade and the balance of payments. Public finance and budget balance, domestic and foreign borrowing structure, international reserves, CBRT Analytical Balance Sheet and unemployment rates are our focus areas.

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