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We help you make the right decisions with our knowledge and experience in company mergers and acquisitions.

The knowledge and experience we have in the sale of shares of the company or partners are combined with our effective persuasion ability and the result is obtained.

We are in an environment where competition is getting fiercer in the world and in Turkey, and the harsh fluctuations in the financial markets have a significant impact on decision making and profitability. We live in a world where companies that operate in same industries are working to increase their collaboration with the global market. Strategic partnerships and share sales are increasing day by day in this environment. Accurate calculation and analysis process is very important in sales and share transfers.

We focus on fast growing companies.

As Sparta & Co, our principle is to protect the rights of the company we represent in company mergers and sales in the most effective way.


  • We analyze your company's business plan, business processes and financial situation very well,

  • By making the financial projections of your company, we ensure that the valuation tables are on the right ground and that the value to be obtained is a "fair" (fair) price,

  • We ensure that the discussions and negotiations with investors are carried out effectively on behalf of your company.


After the valuation, we determine the data that will convince the other party in the best way and carry out an effective bargaining process.

We inform our customers about the worst case scenario analysis and the risks that may occur.

In mergers and acquisitions, legal and operational processes must be adequately managed as well as financial aspects. With our process management experience, we create the most effective solutions and projects for both the buyer and the seller.

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