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If you don't have a well-defined business plan, you have a problem. We can help you with this.

Sparta&Co is a strategy and corporate finance company that provides international M&A advisory services to its clients on buyer and seller side transactions.

At Sparta&Co, we do not lose sight of what is important. In acquisitions and mergers, public offerings, and finding long-term project credit, we look beyond the facts because we see that these projects are all about human stories. We share the dreams of company partners and experience the steps of institutionalization together.

With 32 years of experience in financial markets, we work with the companies we consult and find solutions to their most complex problems together.

Established in 2017 by Taner Özarslan, who has 32 years of experience in the industry, Sparta&Co provides world-class financial consultancy services in its Istanbul and London offices with an understanding that always puts the customer focus first. Sparta&Co strives to transform companies into a newer version of themselves which is smarter, sharper and more resistant to external shocks.

Sparta&Co provides companies with two different services: "Strategy" and "Corporate Finance". In our Strategy Service; We build our point of view to contribute to your company, and we aim to develop your business plan. In addition to analyzing the internal risk factors of companies, we make suggestions for plans of taking action against external shocks. We try to predict macroeconomic data and the values of financial instruments in order to turn the effects of volatility in financial markets on company income statements and balance sheets to our advantage. Our consistency in macroeconomic analysis and our proficiency in tracking international fund flows allow us to see the future of your company. Sparta&Co takes action by monitoring your company in corporate strategy consultancy and corporate finance services.


Our Corporate Finance Services; Buyer or seller side consultancy in merger purchases, capital need meeting brokerage, investment loan finding brokerage, public offering advisory, project finance and debt restructuring advisory services.

Providing corporate finance and strategy consultancy services to many corporate companies in Turkey, Sparta&Co offers special services in taking companies to public offering in capital markets.


Sparta&Co's UK office was opened in London Financial Center in October 2019. Sparta Finance Limited's close relations with private equity and investment banks in London meet the needs of Turkish companies in finding resources and partners.

Sparta Academy aims to contribute to the development of financial literacy in our country by organizing international trainings for corporate and individual investors to gain profit from financial markets.

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