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Prepare For Glory

Sparta & Co provides international M&A services for corporate finance transactions. Its main objective is to prepare you for glory.

Şirket Birleşmeleri ve Satışı

Merger and Sales Consultancy

We help you make the right decisions with our knowledge and experience in company mergers and acquisitions.

Valuation - Şirket Değerlemesi


Do you know the value of your company?

Halka Arz

Public Offering

A public offering is the best method for companies that do not want to reduce their representation on boards of directors.

Proje Finansmanı

Debt and Capital Advisory

We offer professional service in order to reach the right financing with the right conditions.

Borç Yapılandırma


We provide financial intermediation services to companies that need long-term financing to realize their projects.


 “No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law. ”

No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law.

Leonidas, 480 BC

The source of our energy is our desire to succeed.


With this passionate desire, we fight with all our might until we achieve success in accordance with the Spartan spirit.

Kurumsal Finansman

“This is Sparta! "


We see every task we do for your company as our own.

Our Corporate Finance Service is based on solving financial problems of companies and creating benefits.​ If you are looking for a partner in your company, if you have a plan to sell your company to a strategic partnership, if you want to buy a company in your industry, if you have plans to go public in the future or if you are looking for long-term debt to your company in international financial markets, Sparta & Co can help you.

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